Weaving loom frame
Weaving Loom Frame
Extendable Weaving Loom ideal for beginners to understand the principles of weaving and the construction of fabrics. Easily portable and adjustable for experienced weavers to carry to classes and for demonstrations. Includes a starter pack of Romney rug wool, needle, comb, warp separator and instructions. Width 44cm (17.25in) Height adjusts from 40cm (15.75in) up to 61cm (32.5in)
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Luxury teardrop rag rug proddy
Luxury rag rug proddy
This proddy is for making shaggy rugs from rag or wool strips using hessian as backing. It is made from a variety of woods including yew, cherry, oak and apple and is a very comfortable and tactile tool.
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33cm rag rug hoop
Rag rug hoop, various sizes
Robust hoop available in three sizes of 33cm(13in), 46cm(18in) and 53cm(21in) diameter to hold hessian taut while making rag rugs. This hoop is also ideal for quilting as it has a longer threaded screw than regular embroidery hoops.
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embroidery hoops
Embroidery hoop
Wooden embroidery hoops available in sizes 10cm (4in), 15cm (6in), 20cm (8in) and 25cm (10in).
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patwin rug wool cutter
Patwin rug wool cutter
The Patwin rug wool cutter is now only available as secondhand as it was discontinued many years ago. It cuts our balls of Romney 4ply rug wool into approximately 7cm lengths for latch hooking or rugging. Although well used they are all checked and working and are fitted with a good blade.  
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Blades for the Patwin rug wool cutter
Blades for rug wool cutter
Pack of five blades for the Patwin rug wool cutter.
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rag rug cutting gauge
Wool or rag cutting gauge for rugs
Wooden gauge for cutting strips of wool or rag for making rugs. Choose either the 75mm (3in) or 125mm (5in) for cutting wool or rag for a short or long pile. The wool or rag is wrapped around the gauge before cutting along the groove with scissors.
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Locker hook for rug making
Locker hook for rug making
A locker hook is used to make rugs by pulling loops up through canvas and, keeping the loops on the needle, pulling the other end of the wool which is attached to the eye through this series of loops.
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rug binding needles
Rug binding needles (pack of 4)
Long needles for stitching the cotton binding tape around the finished rug.
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Rug binding kit
Rug binding kit
Rug binding kit includes 3.5 metres of cotton tape, needle and linen thread.
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binding needle and waxed thread
Binding needle and thread
Long needle with approximately 20 metres of thick waxed linen thread.
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2in wide rug binding tape
Rug binding tape
Cotton tape for binding the edge of a rug. Sold by the metre, in a choice of widths. Choose from either 38mm (1.5in) or 50mm (2in).
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