Anchor rug wool 6-ply, shade 9446 sand


Shade 9446 sand.

Anchor (formerly Readicut/Homemakers) 6 ply rug wool in packs of 160 pieces.

Length approximately 6.5 cm.

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Anchor 6 ply rug wool (previously sold as the original Readicut/Homemakers) in packs of 160 pieces.

Length approximately 6.5 cm.

This wool is currently being discontinued by the manufacturer and as stocks run out we will not be able to replenish them. They will still be available in the Romney 4 ply pure wool in a similar colour range. Although the Romney wool is slightly thinner and longer than the Anchor rug wool it can be mixed with it.

We always try to ensure that dyelots within an order are all the same. As our stock runs down we may have to mix dyelots to fulfill your order. If you open all the packets of one colour and mix them up then any differences will be less noticeable.

Please email us for a Romney wool shade card which has similar colours, or you can view a PDF copy here of the shade card.

Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 6 cm


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